COPE - Challenging Outdoor Personal Experiences - is a Scouting program that includes group initiative games, trust events, and challenges that reach from the ground to the sky. This month’s meetings and activities will let you climb, swing, balance, jump, rappel, problem-solve, and become stronger both as individuals and as a team. Are you ready? Then climb on!

Climbing focuses mainly on the ascent from ground to sky and all that leads up to it. Climbing is usually intermixed with COPE due to the levels of teamwork and familiarity with the equipment that's needed to safely make your way up the wall.

COPE and climbing are great programs to offer to the Scouts in your unit when they spend a weekend camping at CSR to engage the Scouts and build up the teamwork in your unit. Some of the activities offered on our COPE course are the following:

  • Obstacle Courses
  • Team Wall
  • Climbing Wall
  • Zip Line
  • Flying Squirrel
  • And MUCH more...

Please Note: COPE and climbing MUST be run and facilitated by a trained professional that holds a current COPE and Climbing Director Certification from National Camping School - there are no exceptions.

To check when our certified volunteers are available to assist your unit, please contact Frank Bopp at


All non-Scouts that are invited to participate with your unit must fill out the Activity Consent form below

File Name Description
Cope & Climbing Activity Consent Form All non-Scouts and Scouters that want to participate in COPE and/or climbing MUST fill out this form. Download